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Soul Blends Coffee Roasters is an Oakland-based BIPOC owned specialty coffee service, dedicated to providing deliciously handcrafted quality sourced fair trade African coffee. We believe that our coffee is more than just a beverage. It is an opportunity to engage and inspire communities everywhere through shared experiences and meaningful connections.

Our 2021 founders, Jenna Garrett & Justice Chambers, created Soul Blends Coffee Roasters with a desire to make a daily impact in various communities and environments around the world. It is through this mutual endeavor that we continue to greatly welcome the commitment to provide people with knowledge and resources to live their best lives and overcome familiar unfortunate circumstances by turning a daily ritual into a means of broadening their cultural experience and giving back to their surrounding communities. Soul Blends Coffee Roasters invites consumers to be a part of something bigger than themselves within a comfortable and inclusively driven space where you are ensured that you will value every sip.










More than half of our coffee comes from the highest altitudes of prime growing regions in Africa. We only supply ourselves with coffee beans from farms who are established as leaders in high-grade organic coffee for blends that are flavorful and ethical. We value the relationships and connections made thus far on our road towards greater sustainability, for the world.






There has been a clear lack of prominence when it comes to black representation in the coffee industry, specifically specialty coffee here in the United States. Research shows that African-Americans are indeed less likely than other ethnic groups in the United States to select coffee as a beverage of choice. But why, when coffee’s history and origin is directly linked with major contributions not only to Africa but the entire diaspora around the globe.

Recently, however, we are starting to see progress as more BIPOC owned coffee operators (owners, traders, retailers, roasters, equipment manufacturers, etc.) are becoming visible in the industry in their own unique ways… and we are proudly one of them!









Currently, we have worked ourselves into worthwhile community driven retail markets and spaces like the Hella Plants Market and Loyal To The Soil Oakland- Loyal to the Soil being right here on Broadway St in Downtown Oakland, and Hella Plants taking place in numerous corners of the East Bay Area. 









We’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to fill the souls of  Oaklanders in and out of Oakland International Airport in connection with the Oaklandish brand at the Oakland Coffee Collective Cafe, the West Oakland Farmers Market, as well as a soon to be announced installment in North America’s largest climbing gym- Pacific Pipe. Mobility in all facets is something we love to highlight and influence when it comes to working with other partners and organizations to foster positive change in surrounding communities.

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